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“No Representation, Without Local Taxation”

The Institutional Origins of Democratization and State-Building

Committee: Jason Wittneberg (Chair), Ruth Collier, Sean Gailmard, Victoria Frede-Montemayor

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Non-Democratic Origins of Local Self-Government

  • Chapter 2: The Origins and Consequences of the Russian Zemstvo

  • Chapter 3: Comparative Local Institutions in the Ottoman Empire and Qing Dynasty

  • Chapter 4: Global Evidence on Local Taxation and Representation (1800-1918)

  • Chapter 5: Conclusions for Democracy, Decentralization, and State-Building

Archival Data Collection

  • Governor’s Reports (Губернаторские Отчеты) of the Russian Empire

  • Российский Государственный Исторический Архив (РГИА), Электронная библиотека (ГПИБ), Архив Министерство Финансов Российской Федерации (МинФин), Электронная Библиотека Научное Наследие России (ННР), Пермская Электронная Библиотека (ПЕБ)

  • Provincial Yearbooks (Vilayeti Salnamesi) of the Ottoman Empire

  • Provincial Reports (Zhengzhi Guanbao) of the Qing Dynasty

Original Data Collection

  • Global cross-national sub-national time-series panel data on fiscal revenue structures, local government, and % central vs. local revenues and expenditures (1800-1918)


Published Papers

Comparative Politics in Borderlands: Actors, Identities, and Strategies (with Robert Braun)

Annual Review of Political Science Vol. 25:303-321 (Volume publication date May 2022)

Working Papers

The State of the State in Historical Democratization Studies

A theoretically informed review of Boucoyannis (Kings as Judges, 2021), Mazzuca (Latecomer State Formation, 2021), and Stasavage (The Decline and Rise of Democracy, 2020).



Democratization out of State Capacity: Bureaucracy and Reform in the Russian Empire

MA Thesis (University of California, Berkeley)

  • Departmental Distinction

Engineering Russian Imperial Electoral Law: Inventing Minority Representation 1904–1906

MA Thesis (European University at St. Petersburg)

  • Research at the Российский Государственный Исторический Архив (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Sir Percy Loraine and Anglo-Turkish Rapprochement 1934-1939

BA Honors Thesis (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Chapter published in the Penn History Review, Volume 23, Issue 2, Fall 2016: pp. 87-114.
  • Winner of the Rose Undergraduate Research Award for the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Winner of the College Alumni Society Undergraduate Research Grant